A simple plan for happiness and better sex in 2015!

Just a touch of yoga in your life can help you live  happier, healthier and enjoy the best sex imaginable.

Just a touch of yoga in your life can help you live  happier, healthier and enjoy the best sex imaginable.

Every year brings new opportunity to refocus, an opportunity to be your happiest, healthiest and most authentic you. This year I'm resolved to keep up with what worked last year:

  • Keep my yoga practice alive, even if it's just 1-2 brief sessions per week, at home or at the yoga studio (sometimes even just a few minutes is enough!)
  • Keep focusing on the food I put in my tummy; Last year was a fantastic year of slimming down and enjoying the food I wanted to eat
  • Stay focused only on positive people in my life, both at work and in my personal life
  • Explore and find new and exciting ways to enjoy more and better sex

It seems so simple, right? Work out, eat well, be happy and have great sex.  Of course I have a lot of goals and ideas, including starting a podcast, writing a book, and learning a new language, and growth goals for my company.  But I didn't make a resolution for any one of those this year, because I don't want to commit to something that I don't have a plan for.  I'd end up being disappointed with myself over a broken resolution.

Why are the vast majority of New Year resolutions are broken each year? Over and over again, people have studied that question and the conclusion is always the same: It's one thing to make a promise, it's another thing to have a plan to make the promise a reality. Without a plan, the chance of failure is great than 90%.  Why do most people not marry a plan to their promise? The answer again is simple: They overcomplicate.  Complicated plans are hard to follow, can be overwhelming and easy to give up on.

That's why my 2015 resolution is to keep doing what worked for me in 2014.  In 2014 I experimented with yoga, my diet and kept on studying and learning more about what makes for better sex.  The work involved for me was minimal- maybe an hour a week, and the return on that investment was amazing! I went from having sex maybe once every couple weeks to having sex 5-6 times per week.  Sex lasted longer and orgasms were stronger. We had more fun as a couple and grew closer to each other. And with more orgasms (for both of us!) we were happier in general, which affected every other part of our lives.

This year I want to share more of what's worked for me with you.  Just like layers in a yoga practice, you can start improving your life - your health, your happiness and your sex - with just a little adjustment at a time.  Yoga has been the center of my inspiration, my resolutions and even my planning. And while what I share may not necessarily result in a mid-practice Yogasm, the reason I call it the Yogasm Guide is that yoga and your own intention can help you experience a better life and more and better orgasms.

Ready to get started on your practice this year?  You don't need a membership anywhere. Just subscribe to this blog and let's have fun together.