Yogasm Guide yoga pose #1: Plank pose

The plank pose in yoga fires up your core, opens up your shoulders, and tones your sides and your butt, creating unbelievable fitness and sexiness at the same time.

We already know that more sex makes us look and feel healthier.  If you need convincing, take note: In a study at Scotland's Royal Edinburgh Hospital, people in their 40s who reported to have sex at least three times per week were judged by a panel of strangers to be seven to 13 years younger than their actual age.

Looking better is one thing, but the Yogasm Guide is about helping you actually have and enjoy better sex from a simple, focused and balanced yoga practice.

So we have been doing the research for you to find the best yoga poses that can fire up your sex drive, make you feel incredible and help you look your best.  Today we're focusing on the plank pose. Doing this pose regularly as part of a regular yoga practice can improve sexual function in women, including improved desire, arousal, orgasm and overall satisfaction with sex.  And it doesn't stop with women.  A regular yoga practice focusing on the essentials can help men with premature ejaculation, and even improve desire, satisfaction, performance, confidence and control of erections and orgasms during sex.  Talk about benefits.

Plank pose is such a basic pose, but it hits the core like nothing else, and has the potential to melt away fat, tone and strengthen the body especially the abs, which can make you feel better, look better and more attractive in no time.  

See the steps to try the plank pose here.

Of course, clear any new exercise or yoga regimen with your doctor before starting.