Awareness and intention

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In my Yoga practice I've learned that intention combined with practice moves me along a road that is both satisfying and progressive.  Another way of expressing this is that satisfaction is a process, not an event.

I want to share my biggest yoga secret with you: A practice is not just a practice. To experience the most that Yoga can offer, your practice can have pivot-points that can create incredible, exponential results that can make you feel healthier, make your life happier, brighter and your sex and orgasms more deeply satisfying than you ever imagined. I discovered this by accident after my third year or yoga.

I was in my Yoga class, a C2 (level 2) class at the studio that I frequent here in Southern California. The instructor had guided us through an exhilarating sequence of flows that had everyone in the class relaxed and focused.  During one of the final poses we twisted, slowly, focusing on our breath. My mind was free and clear, and the instructor's voice gently travelled through the room, "focus inward. Travel into your body with your mind. Take a moment to feel and experience your body working." My mind wandered. I brought it back, trying, almost struggling to find this thing the instructor wanted us to find. In my heart I knew I was thrashing, that I had no idea what it was I was supposed to be looking for.  I closed my eyes and just breathed and decided to let go.

Then it happened.

I felt a surge of warmth in my chest.  It was like a slight wave of water pushing me, almost as if it had force outside of my body. I didn't think, I just felt. I let it run over me and imagined the wave touching parts of my body... my shoulders, my chest, my feet, my hips...  At that moment I felt a sense of pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt before.  I'm normally a very sensual person, passionate and in touch with both my body and my partner's body. I've always believed and found that 'feeling' a sense of what your partner feels can amplify your own pleasure.  

The moment I let go I allowed myself to connect with my body on a new level. The wave of warmth was a precursor to an orgasm; I felt the rush of a climax... my breathing became intense as I desperately swallowed more air to fuel the orgasm... and my vision became starry and bright as I experienced intense explosions of feeling.  In the silence of the class I felt alone, even though I was surrounded by 15 other people.  I almost stumbled forward as I lost my balance but quickly regained it.

The first thought that went through my mind was completely anchored in social awareness- I was concerned that maybe I had possibly created a spectacle.  Yet no one had noticed.

At the end of the last asana the instructor invited us to lay down and begin pranayama. Unlike any time before, I was without mind, floating elsewhere other than the intellect.  My body was cool, yet felt like it was glowing.  I had found a "pivot-point" in my practice, an opportunity to let go and experience something new.  This was my first Yogasm, if there is a word for it. Yoga had helped me experience new feeling and release that I had never imagined possible.

Are you practicing Yoga? Is your intention to find a new level of awareness?  Or a new level of pleasure and satisfaction?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.