Yoga Sex Benefit: Flexibility

The Yogasm Guide is a guide for people who love Yoga and realize that improved sex is only one of its many benefits.  So let's talk about one of the ways Yoga helps sex: Flexibility.

Most people can barely touch their own toes. Yoga changes that, and fast. In my experience, when you practice Yoga at least twice per week, something magical happens. You start to be able to reach your toes and beyond, including places you never imagined possible. You can literally start to "walk" with your hands past your toes, and find your body folded more tightly than ever before.  Just imagine your chest pressed flat against your thighs. That's the kind of flexibility I'm talking about. The possibilities (and fun) are endless.

  • More sex positions (think: poses) are possible. You can let your creative mind take over in bed, and if you are daring, even try some of the poses from the Kama Sutra.
  • Deeper penetration is possible. During sex a partner can sling the other partner's leg over their shoulder with ease. Some men love the feeling of deeper penetration while many women not only love the extra stimulation on their cervix, but many women report more and stronger orgasms as a result.
  • More and stronger orgasms. As you become more flexible, your circulatory system continues to improve in parallel.  This improved blood flow helps in so many ways.  Not only can you last longer during sex, but improved blood flow around the penis creates larger, harder erections for men, and improved blood flow around the vagina, labia and clitoris means more sensitivity which could lead to more and stronger orgasms for women.

Becoming super-flexible takes time, but you can start becoming more flexible right away.  Of all the couples and individuals I have coached, I have been told by most that they see and feel improvements and results like the ones above in as little as two weeks.  You don't even need a Yoga studio; The key poses to focus on are hip openers, groin strechers, and pelvis openers.  I'll go into each of these in more detail here in this blog in the weeks ahead.