Plank Pose

Yoga pose category: Pelvic floor strengthener

NOTE: As with all exercise, always seek the advice of a doctor if you have health issues or concerns before starting a new workout or exercise.

Step 1: 

Like the top of a push-up, start on all fours, aligning wrists with shoulders. Spread fingers wide and press entire palm into floor. Avoid collapsing in chest by lifting under armpits.

Step 2: 

Hollow out belly and step feet way back, curling toes under so that thighs lift as you straighten legs.

Step 3:

Heels, ankles, butt, spine, shoulders, neck, and head should all be in one long line. Check in a mirror if you can.

Step 4: 

Hold for 30 seconds and then rest. Repeat 3 times and build up to 5; try to hold plank for up to a minute as you practice.

After holding plank pose and resting, finish with a vinyasa.

Why it works: This confidence-boosting strength pose is the ultimate ab toner—it requires many different core muscles to keep your body in proper form. Not only will you in better shape for a sizzling sex session, you'll also look and feel better about yourself.