Inserting a little yoga with Downward Facing Dog can elevate sex from behind to a new erotic level

Yogasm Guide Position: Downward Facing Doggy

Make sure to read about the yoga position Downward Facing Dog here.  As with any exercise, always check with your doctor if you have any health conditions or physical conditions that could put you at risk of an injury.  The following is our take on yoga-inspired sex positions, and may not be for everyone. 

For her:

Starting from a regular doggy position (yes, doggy style), have him disengage for a moment so you can get into a down dog yoga position. Keep the position as low or high as you think is appropriate, with only your hands and feet on the bed (or other surface). Have him enter you from behind gently, without pushing your body forward, and see if he can hit your g-spot. Take the position slowly, and make sure you have a solid footing so you don't slip. This position is all about angle, not about force.  Once you find the right angle with him, it's his job to keep it and stimulate you to climax.

Advanced: If you have your balance on one arm, this position can be ideal for you to use your other hand to gently stroke your clitoris, or even wrap two fingers around his penis, creating extra sensation for him while he gently enters you. 

Did you try it? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments if the position works or not, and what worked for you.

For him:

This position can be ideal after foreplay and at least one or more other positions entering her from behind.  From a regular doggy position (yes, doggy style), hold her butt cheeks with your hands and gently pull out, helping her lift her hips up higher as she finds her way into a comfotable down dog position.  She will need to be completely comfortable and find her balance before you re-enter her.  Be careful not to put weight on her or fall on her; This is where you need strong legs and great balance.  Now it's time to try finding the right angle that gives her maximum pleasure.  Virtually any angle you find will give you incredible pleasure already, so make it all about her.  This is a great position to try before climax, and to practice improving your sustained stamina prior to orgasm.

Did you try it? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments if the position works or not, and what worked for you.