The Yogastore™

We've searched for, discovered and tried hundreds of yoga products to find the best ones for our practice.  We've also discovered products designed to help individuals and couples enjoy their bodies more, both alone and together. All of these come together here at the Yogastore™, an exclusive Yogasm Guide resource to help you get started and continue in your practice, so you can find greater satisfaction physically, emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually.

Please browse and enjoy.  We've taken the time to organize the products by category to make things easier to find.  And we've also listed our top twenty favorite products right here, below the categories. Most products link to Amazon for the best price available. When you buy from Amazon using one of our links, you don't pay a penny more, but Amazon will support us by paying us a small amount for referring to them. This helps us pay for the site and continue to bring you more and better content, for which we are very grateful to you.

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Our top 20 favorite products of all time

Product categories

  • eBooks

  • Yoga supplies (mats, towels, and more)

  • Nutrition (diet and health supplements)

  • Kitchen gear (juicers, blenders, etc.)

  • Meditation tools

  • Yoga outerwear (women)

  • Yoga underwear (women)

  • Yoga outerwear (men)

  • Yoga underwear (men)

  • Spa and bath

  • Massage

  • Personal lubrication

  • Toys for women

  • Toys for men

  • Toys for couples